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Blatter has been banned for rsgoldfast team

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am 09.03.18
Blatter has been banned for six years by its ethics committee."I regret I have not done enough to bring back rsgoldfast team on theright track," Blatter told the meeting. But he insisted thatwhile he led FIFA, the actions of leaders of regional soccerorganisations did not fall under his purview."

Those things they did within their confederations," hesaid. "I don't have any power to intervene in theirconfederations."Blatter was banned from soccer activities for ethicsviolations in December along with Michel Platini, a formerFrench national player who rose to become head of the Europeanfootball association UEFA.

The pair were suspended in October pending an investigationinto a 2 million Swiss franc ($2.07 million) payment to Platinithat FIFA made to European boss Platini in 2011.Platini has said the payment was for work he did as a FIFAadvisor between 1999 and 2002 and the nine-year delay in paymentwas due to FIFA's financial situation.Blatter was unapologetic about the payment, saying it was anunwritten "gentleman's agreement," though he conceded thetransaction should have been documented earlier."

This is a debt, and we paid the debt," he said. "Perhaps itshould have been indicated at the very beginning that we hadsomething due to him. But this is an administrative andfinancial procedure and this had nothing to do with
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