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am 20.03.19
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Make your eBook personal and easy to understand. Use real life experiences in your writing. Connect with the reader; you want to be on their level. While you may be a professional at what you are writing about remember that you are not writing for other professionals. The average person needs to understand what you are talking about. Again using a casual tone and easy to understand words will help in this area..
You know whether you are strong on spelling or grammar. If you know you are rubbish then have your eBook proofread. While you may be trying to control cost in producing your eBook, this is one small expense that you need to have. Don't think that you will be able to do it yourself. After all the work put into creating we sometimes miss the little errors that can spoil the whole project.
There is nothing worse then reading an eBook and finding misspelled words and poor grammar. These errors will send your eBook to the bottom of any selling list, it won't matter how well you know your topic or the bonuses you offer if it looks like a three year old wrote it. If you are good at spelling and grammar get someone whop you know is good as well to have a look at it.
.There are many fun activities you can do in game besides play through the main story, like crafting houses and other cool items, battling other players in the arena, racing pets, creating a bestiary of monsters with funny captions, taking screenshots with photomancy, and fishing. I've got a Grandmaster balance wizard that needed a house, so let's show you how I crafted it!
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