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Atlas: Guide to Manufacturing Alloys

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am 24.01.19
[url=]Survival Evolved CD Key[/url] ATLAS is a pirate-themed MMO which means ships are a major part of the fun in its massive open world. In this guide we’ll walk you through the basics of ship building and the complex process of setting up a seaworthy Schooner. After all every good pirate knows the key to success is having a vessel with the power to strike first.

Despite a rocky launch players are now diving into Atlas the new pirate MMO from the developers behind Ark: Survival Evolved and some are beginning to build their first schooners. Indeed taking a ship out to sea is certain to be a high priority for many new marauders but some may be confused about how to acquire the alloy needed to outfit their vessels with cannons.

With the Metallurgy skill unlocked players can build a forge which allows them to craft a number of ingots including cobalt copper iron and more. All of these ingots constitute an alloy and any of them can be used to fulfill the [url=]Ark Accounts[/url]alloy requirements for crafting cannons.

Making the ingots themselves requires a number of materials. Specifically players will need to extract metal ores from the veins that can be found throughout Atlas‘s map. As stated any ore will be suitable for players working to build a cannon and the ores melt down to ingots of the same type.

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